Arafura Line Marking offers a wide range of pavement marking services as well as the supply and installation of roadside furniture. Our variety of materials, stencils, paints, furniture, and equipment are of the highest quality and remain compliant to Australian Standards. We can supply and install roadside furniture as per an issued plan or assist you in designing a plan from scratch. We are committed to providing concentrated, attentive customer service and advice to ensure that we meet all of your individual requirements. We believe in 100% customer satisfaction, so we operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Road and Pavement Safety Markings

Arafura Line Marking provides reliable and efficient road marking services with the most sophisticated and streamline materials available to ensure maximum durability. We are an incredibly versatile team, offering a comprehensive range of services from car parks to warehouse safety markings – everything you need to stay safe!

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Custom Stencils and Markings

We provide a wide range of custom line marking stencils which are each carefully selected and crafted with only the best materials to ensure long life and maximum durability. Whether you’re looking for custom directional arrows, barrier dividing lines, or custom logos and symbols, we have the skills and resources to stencil just about anything!

Executing New Works and/or Reinstating Existing Markings

Arafura Line Marking will execute all aspects of your marking requirements with skillful precision. Be it transverse markings, intersection markings, longitudinal markings or customized stenciling, high quality execution, maintenance and  safety is our specialty. From marking removal or refresh to brand new markings, we will deliver thorough attention to detail, providing an effective and safe environment for both drivers and pedestrians.

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Variety of Paint Products, from Primer to Sealer

All paints and related paint products used here at Arafura have been carefully selected to ensure quality colours, pigments, reflectivity and durability. Traffic safety is essential, which is why we use reflective glass beads in our pavement marking paint. These beads allow motorists to clearly see pavement markings at night and in wet conditions. This is a cost-effective solution to Northern Territory weather, while guaranteeing a longer lifespan for road marking paint. Glass beads are applied at rates determine by Australian Standards to ensure prime retro-reflectivity and safety. We go above and beyond to meet your safety needs – in any circumstance, at any time!

Raised Pavement Markers

Arafura offers a wide range of raised pavement markers, both reflective and non-reflective, which are guaranteed to Australian Standards of safety and quality. Our RRPMS contain highly reflective micro prismatic lenses, with a special resistance coating that delivers an outstanding impact for motorists. They provide visibility regardless of the weather conditions, creating a safe environment for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians, day and night.

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Line Marking Removal

Arafura Line Marking offers a selection of road marking removal techniques. We take pride in offering the best services with the most efficient equipment, and ensuring minimal impact on the environment. We offer three techniques for marking removal; Black Our, Surface Planing & Grinding, and Captive Shot Blast Removal which removes anything from asphalt  to factory floors. You can select from sand blasting and water blasting, depending on the surface of works. A member from our friendly staff would be happy to assist in selecting the best method for you!

Tactile Indicators

With a wide range of local suppliers, Arafura is able to provide top of the line Tactile Indicators in a variety of colours, sizes and materials. Our professional staff are knowledgeable in all products offered and are guaranteed to install tactile indicators according to Australian Standard 1428.4.1.

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Traffic Management

Arafura Line Marking is also associated with Arafura Traffic Control, a department of professionally trained, experienced and certified Traffic Controllers, Supervisors and Plan Designers. We are knowledgeable of the Australian Standards 1742.3 and are able to apply them to any work site in order to maintain compliance with every road authority. Get in touch today to arrange Traffic Management alongside your Pavement Marking services.

Exceptional Quality Pavement Marking Services in the NT.

We are confident in our ability to provide you with the highest quality of service at a great value. Contact us today to speak with one of our professional team members about which products and services are best suited to your needs! Request a free quote!